Youth Theatre Arts Scotland supports organisations and practitioners who engage over 28,500 young people each year in youth theatre.

You can help YTAS to strengthen the projects and services that help their practice to thrive.

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Youth Theatre Arts Scotland promotes youth theatre arts and their role in the personal, social, educational and creative development of Scotland’s young people.

  • 30% come from areas of multiple deprivation
  • 15% are either deaf, hard of hearing, visually or physically impaired or have additional learning requirements
  • The majority of our member youth theatres provide weekly activities for £0-£5/week and offer financial support


Meet Our Famous Patron

Sam Heughan, star of the hit series Outlander,  became patron of Youth Theatre Arts Scotland in 2013. Born on the 30th of April 1980, in New Galloway,  it was through his own participation in the Lyceum Youth Theatre that Sam really developed his passion for acting. From there he was admitted to the prestigious Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow, then known as RSAMD, before going on to act in various successful roles. His big break arrived when he was cast as Jamie Fraser, the romantic, sensitive but strong lead in Outlander (2014).

 Sam chose to support YTAS, not only because of the role youth theatre played in his own career, but more so because he recognises its importance in local communities. He appreciates that it provides an amazing opportunity, not just for budding actors, and future stars, but for any young person looking to further their creativity, ideas, and to develop new skills.


(Photo credit: John Devlin)

“Youth Theatre is for everyone; it’s about a community, it’s about being supported by your peer group. You learn skills, not just acting but all the other sides needed for working in TV,  film and the theatre industry. 

I’d like to instil the belief that if you join a youth theatre, it’s a gateway to greater career prospects.  I know if we get young people involved in the sector, it’s going to pay dividends in the future”


Since gaining Sam as its patron, YTAS has also received great support from the actor’s large fan-base, who he himself describes as ‘terrific and supportive’. The donations and support from fans have been overwhelming, and YTAS would like to express our gratitude. We will continue to work closely with various fan groups to ensure the continuation of such amazing, and much appreciated support!