Work with us

Youth Theatre Arts Scotland employs a wide range of creative and operational staff to support and deliver our events and projects.

We also host work experience, voluntary positions and internships. Please contact if you would like to enquire about any of these potential opportunities.

Current vacancies

We currently don’t have any vacancies available. Please check back here for regular updates.

Upcoming intern and placement positions

We currently don’t have any intern or placement positions available. Please check back here for regular updates.

Previous NFYT Amigos and Volunteers

  • Ailsa Galashan
  • Amy Wilson
  • Bea Webster
  • Cara Fraser
  • Ciaran Stewart
  • Daniel Purves
  • Elaine Fechlie
  • Emma Andrew
  • Emma Nutland
  • Eoin McKenzie
  • Francesca Lacey
  • Hector Brown
  • Jack Higgins
  • Jo Rush
  • Joanne Lees
  • Kathryn Douglas
  • Kevin Mitchell
  • Kim Donohoe
  • Kirsty Mckay
  • Konstantina Fili
  • Leyla Coll O’Reilly
  • Myfanwy Morgan
  • Pete Lannon
  • Rachael Keiller
  • Rachel-Jane Morrison
  • Rhonda Barclay
  • Rosie Reid
  • Samantha Hardie
  • Shannon Haxton
  • Sophie McCabe

Previous Interns

  • Clare McVay
  • Stephanie Seeley
  • Dominic Di Rollo
  • Kathryn Murray
  • Lucy King
  • Steven Mackenzie
  • Victoria Barclay

I had expected to be given some roles and responsibility, however we were given more than I imagined and it was good to know that staff at YTAS trusted us and felt they could rely on us. I enjoyed rising to these challenges. NFYT Volunteer

The atmosphere amongst the staff team was great and made the whole weekend a lot of fun. YTAS are extremely good at looking after their staff, whether paid or volunteers. NFYT Volunteer