National Festival of Youth Theatre

The UK’s largest gathering of youth theatres.
Friday 1 – Monday 4 July 2016.
Rothes Halls and Falkland Estate, Fife.
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£150 per person (residential), £100 per person (non-residential).

The largest annual gathering of youth theatres in the UK.

“One word – fabulous!” NFYT participant 2014

NFYT is the National Festival of Youth Theatre, the UK’s largest annual gathering of youth theatres.

This exciting annual event is the only opportunity for Scotland’s youth theatre participants to come together, discover a shared passion and develop as artists, audience members and creative thinkers. With an emphasis on inclusion, education and collaboration, NFYT aims to remove barriers, teach valuable life skills and provide extraordinary new experiences.

Every year the festival welcomes around 250 young participants aged 14+ representing up to 15 different youth theatres from across Scotland and overseas.

NFYT is produced by Youth Theatre Arts Scotland – Scotland’s development organisation for youth theatre arts – in partnership with Fife Cultural Trust.

We invite all friends, family and supporters to come and see the shows!


Performance Programme: Friday 1 July

APA Image 1 NFYT 2016It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To
19.00 – 20.00 Main Auditorium
Aberdeen Performing Arts Intermediate Youth Theatre
Director: Clara Bloomfield. Movement created with Thomas Small.

Do you ever wish you could go back to being 12? When you didn’t worry about your future. When ‘firsts’ became the game of choice; kisses, ‘relationships’, shave? When your p7 class was your world and ‘you’ll be friends forever, no matter what’? Do you ever think that ignorance is bliss?

It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To is a coming of age story about realising how much everything – somehow without you really noticing – has changed forever.
There are some light references to activities of a sexual nature.

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Saturday 2 July

Lab Station Broken Image 1Broken
15.45 – 16.45 Main Auditorium
Platform: Lab Station
Director: Lou Brodie

“They worked with the seriousness of creators—and destruction after all is a form of creation”

A structure stands in the centre of the space, it is pulled apart, torn down, levelled and rebuilt before falling once again. The performers create a cycle of regeneration as they try to understand our need for destruction, the beauty held within it and the systems we are all part of.

Suitable for 8+
Bricks are used in the performance but a detailed health and safety explanation/demonstration for the audience is built into the show.

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Volcano YC Image 3WeReallyWantToWinButWeDon’tWantToTryTooHard
19.45 – 20.45 Main Auditorium
Volcano Youth Company
Director: Paul Davies. Mentored by Paul Davies & Catherine Bennett.

Sport is good for you. It is about coming together and sharing dreams. Above all it is about the joy of winning! But what if you don’t like sport? Will the elation of victory always escape you? Are you, in short, a loser?
A funny, risky, engaging show about the anxieties we might feel when we are thrown a ball or run a race. What does it mean to win or lose? How do we deal with the endless pressure and constant hubbub about sport?

Suitable for all ages.

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Sunday 3 July

THE TIDEThe Tide Creeps In
14.00 – 15.00 Main Auditorium
Director: Clara Bloomfield.

Memory is a reconstructive process whereby you piece together moments of your past to construct a coherent narrative.

What happens during this process when the colour and shape of what you thought you knew and experienced is somehow blurred, altered or gone completely?

What happens if your future depends on you remembering? Do you continue when that fatal ‘something’ is missing.

The tide creeps in is a performance about 5 individuals seeking to remember, can they trust their own memories, their perceived truth and what has been ‘forgotten’?

Suitable for 14+, contains strong language.

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