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Ken Robinson – podcast


In 2006 Ken Robinson’s TED Talk he argued modern teaching was a product of industrialisation, putting children through a factory model that prepares them for working life. Fast forward 8 years in this podcast with Radio 4, he questions if we truly value innovation and creativity, why isn’t still it taught in schools? Listen to […]

Tin Forest


As part of the Cultural Commonwealth the National Theatre of Scotland delivered a number of youth, arts and community projects under the banner of Tin Forest. Watch the videos below to see how the project came together over many months and with hundreds of participants.

Critical Response Training


Youth Theatre Arts Scotland will be offering Critical Response Training via Route 1 of Interchange in March 2015. Through the links below you can look back at the CRT work our partners Puppet Animation Scotland and the Federation of Scottish Theatre have begun with professional practitioners in Scotland. You can also watch John Borstel discussing how the process could benefit your […]