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YTAS CEO Kenny McGlashan introduces Chrysalis festival 2015

The caterpillar finds its perch and forms a chrysalis.
Inside, the dormant imaginal cells combine to create new form and structure.
They persist. They multiply. They connect.
They resonate at the same frequency.
They begin to act together.
That is the new beginning…
and a butterfly will be born.

The idea for the Chrysalis festival first surfaced five years ago when we started seeing more and more exceptional theatre made by young people in collaboration with talented artists and directors appearing across the country. Convinced that work of this quality deserved to be showcased to a wider audience, Youth Theatre Arts Scotland began to develop plans for the launch of a new platform.

With the Chrysalis festival we wanted to establish a programme of shows that were made and performed by young people and platformed in the same way we would see at other theatre festivals.

We want this first Chrysalis festival to create a buzz. By challenging expectations of theatre made by young people we want it to awaken curiosity, arouse a sense of discovery and raise aspirations for the future.

Through all of this we hope to stimulate critical discussion around the programming of young people’s performance and the value we place on these shows as both audiences and venues.

We invite you to join us in witnessing original voices, fresh perspectives and new beginnings.