What we do

Our Mission

To transform lives through youth theatre arts by supporting, connecting and inspiring young people in Scotland and the adults who work with them.


Helping Others              

We are dedicated to supporting, enabling and championing the work and impact of Scotland’s youth theatre sector; young people, professionals and volunteers alike.


We are passionate about building a confident, diverse and inspiring sector.


We work with, and connect, a broad network of partners, groups and individuals who all share our motivation to develop talent and nurture achievement.


We celebrate and encourage ambition, experimentation and progression, striving for quality in all that we do for and with our sector.

Strategic Aims

  1. To strengthen Scotland’s youth theatre arts infrastructure. Act as the central hub of information, support and guidance for Scotland’s youth theatre sector and as its spokesperson, advocate and leader.
  2. To provide a variety of youth theatre opportunities which inspire young people in Scotland. Improve the sustainability and impact of our participatory projects and establish new audience development activity.
  3. To improve access, progression and ambition in the field of youth theatre arts in Scotland. Increase the number, type and level of aspiration of youth theatre participants, artists and leaders who engage with YTAS’s network.
  4. To develop leadership in Scotland’s youth theatre sector. Improve the sustainability and impact of YTAS’s year-round skills development programmes and networking opportunities.


YTAS is the key agency for developing Scotland’s youth theatre sector; which comprises those who choose to sign up as members of our organisation, as well as a broader network of youth, arts and education stakeholders.  As a whole, this sector supports the creative passion of tens of thousands of young people across the country.

In carrying out its work YTAS seeks to support and help develop the following beneficiaries:

  • Participants of youth theatre activity in Scotland.
  • Leaders of all levels of experience, including; aspiring young people, adult volunteers, emerging and mid-career professionals and creative learning managers.
  • Youth theatre artists, including: young theatre-makers and adult practitioners, both professional and voluntary.
  • New and existingyouth theatre audiences.

YTAS believes that youth theatre arts are an ideal medium to encourage the dreams and visions of young people and to nurture their self-confidence.  It is our aim that all youth theatre activity in Scotland aspires to the highest standards of practice, ensuring that young people can enjoy a safe, inclusive and rewarding experience.

YTAS considers youth theatre as:

A group or organisation which engages young people as active participants in the performing arts and where their participation is central to the motivation of the creative process.

The term ‘youth theatre’ can therefore be applied to a whole host of groups and organisations across Scotland who may not instinctively call themselves a youth theatre. 

YTAS’s members typically focus their activities on participants up to the age of 25.



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