What we do

Our Mission

To transform lives through youth theatre by providing inspiring participatory opportunities for young people in Scotland and by connecting, supporting and training the professionals who work with them.


Intelligence and Support
The young people and professionals we support are a connected and reflective community. We advocate for their collective knowledge to assure the greatest impact in the work we do together.

Access and Participation
We are passionate about sharing the work of our organisation and our community. We strive to find new and exciting ways to let people in and deepen their engagement.

Collaboration for Development
We support a multi-age, multi-arts network from across Scotland; made up of young people and professionals engaging in multiple levels of provision and development together. Our motivation and talents grow from working together and sharing our achievements.

Excellence and Experimentation
We celebrate and encourage ambition, innovation and progression, taking responsibility for improving pathways through our sector and striving for quality in all that we do.


Our objectives define the core areas of work we will focus on in our 3-year programme. They are:

  • Through Information and Advocacy we will support Scotland’s youth theatre arts sector by providing membership support, networking and information opportunities, targeted impact and capacity building services and a variety of research, resources and digital platforms.
  • Through Youth Theatre Arts Projects and Services we will deliver and develop our national partnership projects and establish new youth engagement and audience development initiatives for the sector.
  • Through Training and Professional Development we will support regional development, establish national progression and quality frameworks and evolve our national training projects.
  • We will target Developmental Sustainability for the organisation and network by growing and improving our income streams and fundraising potential, assuring we have efficient resources and processes to achieve impact, and addressing the sector’s local, cultural, financial and ecological responsibilities.

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