Getting #YTbackintheroom

Social distancing has been scrapped and theatres are opening up (again)… This February and March, we’re supporting a series of ‘back in the room’ events to help groups rebuild their work as the world opens back up again.

We need to talk

We’ve noticed something on the increase recently. At first it was just mildly annoying, but as time has gone on, it is affecting our ability to do what we do, so we feel we need to say something.

Join us for the YTAS Wellbeing Challenge!

Summer is almost upon us and the time has come to stretch your legs and take those weary, aching bones out into the world. Join us (and our curated playlist) to breathe new life into familiar surroundings.

Grants for Youth Theatre recipients announced

After a great response to the first round of our Grants for Youth Theatre funding scheme, we’re delighted to distribute just over £23,000 in investment to our successful applicants.

Remote future for Youth Theatre Arts Scotland

We’ve made the decision to move to a permanent remote set-up. At the end of October we’ll be saying goodbye to Summerhall, our home for the past five years, and to the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh’s Southside.

Membership fees suspension extended

At the start of April we announced the suspension of all YTAS membership fees due for renewal for an initial period of three months. Here’s what we’re doing next.

A massive thank you…

We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks and warmest wishes to our fantastic supporters across the world, in particular, to the fans of our patron Sam Heughan, who have gone above and beyond to help us with their recent fundraising efforts.

YTAS suspends membership fee renewals due to coronavirus

It’s easy right now to feel like you’re being buried under mountains of mainly depressing news. Well, here’s some good news: we’ve taken the decision to suspend all YTAS membership fees due for renewal for an initial period of three months. We hope this will help to limit any additional financial pressure on our members […]

Desks to rent with YTAS

We have two desks available to rent in a warm, spacious and brightly lit office at Summerhall, Edinburgh, with use of an additional meeting room included. Suitable for two people working together – or two individuals – and they’re available immediately. The office is on the second floor of Summerhall’s main building and has large […]