Clara Bloomfield #PlayaLeadRole

As part of our #PlayaLeadRole Kickstarter fundraising appeal, we’ve been asking young people to tell us what impact youth theatre has had on their lives. In the last blog post we heard from one of the festival managers. Next up we hear from Clara Bloomfield, our Creative Learning Manager:

This year’s NFYT performance and workshop programme is themed around the idea of ‘challenging perceptions of theatre styles’. In recent years, a number of youth theatres embraced more contemporary notions of devised and autobiographical theatre practices: placing young people’s experiences of the world directly at the heart of the work they are creating.

Ayr and the Gaiety has a rich history of popular Scottish theatre (i.e. the application of old style of music hall; music, song, direct address, satire in theatre form – think John McGrath’s 7:84 Theatre Company)

With this in mind, we created for NFYT 2017 a programme of performances and workshops that reflect a wider array of theatre styles and storytelling methods, whilst not excluding current practice:

Physical theatre, puppetry and object manipulation, spoken word, improvised comedy, technical theatre and a scratch route leading to the culmination of a newly created a piece of Scottish popular theatre.

Our programme offers participants the opportunity to experience new theatre forms through workshops facilitated by leading and critically acclaimed artists in their field including:

Andy McGregor (Citizens Theatre, National Theatre of Scotland, Traverse Theatre and The Tron)

Scott Gilmour (Royal Lyceum, Chichester Festival Theatre, Tron, National Theatre of Scotland, Infinity Rep Theatre)

Leyla Josephine (worked featured in; BBC Radio 6 Music Festival, Huffington Post, Upworthy, Gutter Magazine, The High Flight, The Prague Fringe and The Guardian.)

You can play a lead role in transforming young lives by backing Scotland’s National Festival of Youth Theatre 2017 at until 23 June 2017.


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