Dom Gallo #PlayaLeadRole

As part of our #PlayaLeadRole Kickstarter fundraising appeal, we’ve been asking young people to tell us what impact youth theatre has had on their lives. Over to Dom Gallo from Collision in Fife:

Youth Theatre has given me the chance to become more involved in the art I love, and to be able to criticise it in professional ways. It has given me the chance to express myself, and my stories, in ways I couldn’t otherwise. It has been a platform for me to meet people with the same interests through events like the National Festival of Youth Theatre in 2012, and to fuel my passion for new and exciting theatre.

TeeNEXTERs [a trip to the TEENexter Festival in Lille organised by Youth Theatre Arts Scotland] was an amazing experience as I got to represent Scottish theatre on a European scale and to see work that pushed boundaries. This gave me the chance to have a once in a lifetime experience. I never thought I would be salsa dancing in France with Irish and German people!

Youth theatre has also given me the chance to perform pieces and stories that I feel really strongly about and affect me. The most empowering moment is that it gives young people the chance to discuss big important topics through a basis that links us all – great theatre.

Theatre has given me a voice in a world that doesn’t want to hear it, and allows me to be heard.

You can play a lead role in transforming young lives by backing Scotland’s National Festival of Youth Theatre 2017 at until 23 June 2017.


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