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Junction 25 1210 Kilometers imageThis August YTAS member Junction 25 are premiering 1,210 Kilometers, a co-production with Berlin’s Theatre an der Parkaue. The work will premiere at Tramway in Glasgow as part of Festival 2018, the cultural programme for the Glasgow 2018 European Championships and will then tour to Theater an der Parkaue in Berlin in autumn 2018. We spoke to Director Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir about the project, how it came together and why this type of international collaboration is so important:

1,210km is Junction 25’s first international exchange and we are thrilled to be collaborating with Theatre an der Parkaue in Berlin, Germany. This has been an incredible opportunity for us as a company and we are very excited to present our brand new performance to a public audience so soon! 1,210km is devised and performed by 30 young people from Glasgow and Berlin and three directors from both companies.

How did the project start?
We began the exchange in September last year, where the companies collaborated through an online platform. The first time we saw each other was over Skype in December, where we shared a short performance for each other and spoke together for the first time. We continued our devising process separately; sharing photographs, videos and creative tasks, until we met for the first time in Berlin in February. The young people spent a creative weekend together that involved sharing performances, making new ones and a lot of getting to know each other!

What did you learn at this stage?
This is where we discovered that although we had been working in two different cities, 1,210km away from each other, we were exploring, questioning and making very similar material. We spoke about distance, about cultural differences, we experienced language barriers and different humour and we made new friends. Since February we have continued our making process, which is lead by the young people, their voices and interests in the themes we are exploring. At the beginning of August the two companies will meet again, this time to put the show together in a week to be premiered at Tramway in August. We will then take the show to Theatre an der Parkaue in October.

And how does the project feel right now, just before opening night?
What I find so exciting about this production is how unpredictable the final stages are going to be. The two companies have only met once before, which was in Berlin in February, so having everyone in the same space at Tramway is going to be where it all comes together. The young people have created really powerful moments, texts and movement and although we don’t want to tell you too much about the actual show here’s a few things you can look forward to! You can expect a brand new explosive performance made by 30 young people from Glasgow and Berlin. You will be witnessing the result of almost a year long experiment exploring distance, belonging and connection. There will be fast phased choreography that fills the space and moments where we question what happens next, where we come from and what the space between us is. We know there will definitely be moments that make you laugh and maybe moments that make you reflect on where you stand or where you place yourself. This is a performance for anyone interested in experiments and the power of people coming together.

Performance Information

Junction 25 and Theatre an der Parkaue present 1,210 km
Fri 10 – Sat 11 August 2018, 7.30pm – 8.30pm
Tramway, Albert Drive, Glasgow
£12.50/ £9 • Saturday’s performance is followed by a post-show talk (8.30pm – 9pm)• Book your tickets
Junction 25 is co-produced by Glas(s) Performance and Tramway, and 1,210km is supported by Festival 2018, The Goethe Institut and The Scottish Government.

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