As Scotland’s Youth Theatre development organisation, we aim to help grow audiences and spread the word about the brilliant work taking place all across Scotland. On this page you will find a list of upcoming performances by young artists or for young audiences.

If you would like to send details of an upcoming performance by your company please submit your event to YTAS using the online Submit Event form.

Aberdeen Performing ArtsLight the Blue

Venue: The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen

Dates: Tue 12 – Fri 15 June 2018

Featuring APA Junior Youth Theatre, APA Intermediate Youth Theatre and APA Senior Youth Theatre. All performances take place in the Lemon Tree Theatre.

If I Were You  –  APA Junior Youth Theatre  –  15 June, 7pm •  16 June, 4pm (BSL signed) • £8 | £6 concession
How much do you really know about your parents? A life before children surely didn’t exist, right? If I Were You explores the misconceptions of young people and their parents and asks: are we really THAT different?

Defined?  –  APA Intermediate Youth Theatre  –  12 June, 6.30pm • 14 June, 7pm • 16 June, 5.30pm (BSL signed) • £8 | £6 concession
In a world of never-ending information, how do we separate the true from the false and keep sight of who we really are? When the pressure to define ourselves is at its greatest, how do we begin to decide what’s important and what’s not

8:26 – How to Win at Life  –  APA Senior Youth Theatre  –  12 June, 8.15pm • 15 June, 8.30pm • 16 June, 7pm (BSL signed) • £8 | £6 concession
’What about your future?’ is the question on everybody’s lips, and the pressure to succeed is mounting high. Big decisions are looming and you’ve got to keep up. How to Win at Life explores the space between childhood and the rest of your life; where the past, present and future collide, and everything’s about to get real.

Horsecross Youth Arts Festival

Venue: Perth Theatre, Perth

Date: Thursday 14 – Monday 17 June 2018

Taking over the newly redeveloped Perth Theatre and featuring performances from all Perth Youth Theatre, Horsecross Glee and Perth Youth Dance Company groups the Horsecross Youth Arts Festival is a youth-led end of year celebration!

For more information and to see the full line up of performances visit: Horsecross

Don’t You Forget About Me

Ignite Theatre

Venue: Websters Theatre, Glasgow

Date: Monday 18 June 2018, 7pm

And Still I Rise is inspired by the Maya Angelou poem, exploring how we face hardships and come back stronger. Performed by a diverse cast of 12-21 year olds.

Don’t You Forget About Me features children aged 6-12. It is set in the ward of a children’s hospital. Both funny and sad, it seeks to show what life is like when illness interrupts childhood and dreams are put on hold.

Ignite Theatre was founded in Glasgow in 2010. They engage with a diverse range of young people, offering free drama workshops and creating innovative new work.

For more information visit: Refugee Festival Scotland 

Remote Control

Performance Collective Stranraer

Venue: The Ryan Centre, Straraer

Date: Saturday 23 June 2018, 2.30pm

A verbatim inspired show about being young and living in Stranraer, the second largest town, in the third largest county in Scotland, who’s nearest city is in Ireland…

Perhaps a remarkably unremarkable place to grow up? This is a show about theories of Evolution, parking violations and that look you get in a local pub when you walk in… and you’re clearly not from there.

Remote Control is written by the company with Drew Taylor and directed by Drew Taylor.

This performance is presented as part of National Theatre of Scotland’s Exchange 2018 programme and funded by Hollywood Trust, Barfill Trust and DGU.

For more information contact Carolyn Yates

Escape from Troglodopolis

Strange Town 

Venue: Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh

Date: Saturday 23 June, 3pm & Sunday 24 June 2018, 11.30am


Colossal CAVERNS!

Dastardly DUNGEONS!!


Giant MUTANT spiders!!!!

Also, some HUMMUS!!!!!

Can our INTREPID HEROES escape the fantastical UNDERGROUND CITY of TROGLODOPOLIS… alive???

For more information visit: Scottish Storytelling Centre

The Witch Game

Strange Town 

Venue: Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh

Date: Friday 22 & Saturday 23 June 2018, 7pm

Lucy is used to feeling alone. She’s got hardly any friends. Even her big sister ignores her. But Lucy has made some new friends. They’re a bit odd – they’re very pale, their skin is cold to the touch and they don’t seem to like the sunlight. But the good news is, they think Lucy is great. And they don’t ignore her – the opposite, in fact. Lucy’s new friends don’t want to leave her. Not ever.

For more information visit: Scottish Storytelling Centre


Emily & The Howlers Hollow

Strange Town 

Venue: Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh

Date: Friday 22 & Saturday 23 June 2018, 9pm

In the woods outside the nowhere town of Midvale stands an abandoned house with scorched rooms and boarded windows. Long ago something terrible happened there, or so the stories go. But is there really any truth to the myths? What horrors can be found deep in the belly of the tangled wood? And what will become of the old ways when a stranger arrives in Midvale?

For more information visit: Scottish Storytelling Centre


Friday, October 13th 

Strange Town 

Venue: Leith Theatre, Edinburgh

Date: Friday 15 & Saturday 16 June 2018, 7pm

Friday, October 13th. The date Demi Tomlinson, the best of the best, went missing. The teenage community she was part of try to piece together who, where, why?

We live in the most average town in our country,
And that will either make you hungry,
For something else…
…Or happy just to stay as you are.

An epic poetic play about community, loss, and the mythology of teenage lives… presented in a physical, choral style. Friday, October 13th is equal parts interrogation room drama, Greek Tragedy and social media feed.

The best of us has vanished out of the blue
Everyone says they know what’s happened to her
But we want to know what’s true

For more information and to book tickets visit: Eventbrite