National Convention of Youth Drama – Gemma Connell

In the run-up to the National Convention of Youth Drama, we’ve asked some of the speakers to tell us which resources related to their session they would recommend to attendees.

First up is Gemma Connell, Artistic Director and CEO of The Artifact in Dundee. Gemma will present one of the brain-stretching ‘In Conversation’ provocations on 16 March 2018:

THE REMIX” – this is a book on hip hop that I’ve recently written. It talks through in detail some of the techniques that I’ll be introducing in my session at the National Convention of Youth Drama. The Remix
Creative Chit Chat Podcast: I talk about similar things on here, plus our work with young people. The rest of the series is with a huge variety of different creatives in Dundee, and it’s well worth a nosey through all of them.
The last link is a book that has inspired me, and really fits into the ethos of what we do at The Artifact. It’s called “For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood… and the rest of y’all too” by Dr. Christopher Emdin. It uses Hip Hop Education and something called “Reality Pedagogy” to engage as many young people as possible in education. You can find it on Amazon. hood

Gemma Connell presents her ‘In Conversation’ provocation on 16 March 2018 as part of the National Convention of Youth Drama at the Macrobert Arts Centre in Stirling. Booking is open at


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