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National Festival of Youth Theatre – Leaders’ Route

Closing date:
27 January 2019
5-8 July 2019
Ayr (The Gaiety Theatre & Rozelle Park Campsite)
For more information:

We recognise and value the skill, talent and years of experience you as artists and theatre practitioners have in working with young people in a variety of contexts, using a vast range of theatre styles and approaches. So this year at NFYT we are offering up to three Skill Share sessions – run by you. Yes you!

How it will work:
We’d like to hear from practitioners who might be interested in hosting a session. This could be in your area of practice or an area of particular interest to you. It could be on a topic you might want to troubleshoot or expand your experience in, or something you think your young people would benefit from.

Topics could include:
* Generating ideas – what are the most effective methods in creating meaningful material for young people to work with?
* Focus in – what techniques do you use to support young people to effective collaborating together?
* All fun and games – what new, alternative ways of delivering games work well for you?

Each Skill Share workshop will run for 1 hour and 30 minutes and each session host will introduce the theme and talk a little about why they have chosen to focus on this area. The host will then run 1 or 2 exercises, games or mini discussions to set the context. Then, they will facilitate the remaining hour for others leaders in the group to share any exercises, games or experiences they might have.

If you would like the opportunity to facilitate a session as part of the Group Leader’s Programme please contact vikki@ytas.org.uk

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