Paul Rodger #PlayaLeadRole

As part of our #PlayaLeadRole Kickstarter fundraising appeal, we’ve been asking young people to tell us what impact youth theatre has had on their lives. However, we thought now might be a good time to talk to the team behind the festival. First up is Paul Rodger:

I’m the Production and Logistics Manager for the National Festival of Youth Theatre, which will be held in Ayr at the Gaiety Theatre and Rozelle Park.

This is the first time we will be in Ayr, and we are lucky to be performing at the newly refurbished Gaiety Theatre. The staff there are looking forward to delivering a very busy festival with nine different youth theatre groups from Scotland, including one from Malta.

The groups of young people will be camping and performing at Rozelle Park. It is a stunning spot, but it comes with its own challenges. I’m responsible for setting up the backbone of the campsite. Unlike previous years we are not on a dedicated campsite.


Last year we were at Falkland Estate, and before that at Fordell Firs campsite (both in Fife). We had the support of all of the estate staff. We also had the use of a few buildings and were provided with breakfast. This year we are having to provide all of those services ourselves. This means organising and paying for things like toilets, power, lighting and temporary structures. We perform in a big marquee – so have to provide catering and construct a wee festival venue for our budding stars to eat, sing, dance, act and party in.

It is exciting being in a new place, and well worth the extra challenges it brings. I’m sure the festival will be a big success in Ayr this summer.

You can play a lead role in transforming young lives by backing Scotland’s National Festival of Youth Theatre 2017 at until 23 June 2017.


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