Could you Play a Lead Role?

Today we are pleased to launch Play a Lead Role, a major Kickstarter campaign to support the National Festival of Youth Theatre (NFYT), with the help of our Patron Sam Heughan.

We’re asking for your support in backing our campaign and spreading the word to your friends, families and networks about how they could play a lead role in supporting tomorrow’s talents.

It’s simple: we want to transform young lives this summer by staging Scotland’s National Festival of Youth Theatre 2017 in Ayr, Scotland. Whatever these young people go onto to accomplish – becoming parents, partners, employees and citizens of the world – we passionately believe that they will have a better start, and will live more full and successful lives simply because of their involvement in youth theatre.

We need to raise £20,000 to make this fantastic and inspiring event happen. Youth theatre is all about creativity and collaboration and we want you to join us as a ‘creative collaborator’ in this project by backing our Kickstarter campaign. To make the magic happen and provide the transformative experience we know we can, we need a campsite, a theatre, workshop venues and facilitators, transport, catering and an inspirational staff team. Your generous support will allow hundreds of young people the opportunity to take part in an extraordinary experience which will truly set them up for life.

For a small organisation like ours, putting on events of this scale is a complicated and costly business and we are always looking for new ways to raise funds to help us meet those costs. We want to offer as many people as possible the chance to follow Sam’s example and also become a Patron of the Arts, offering our brilliant young people a chance to develop as the theatre-makers, audience members and creative thinkers of tomorrow.

Sam Heughan, Patron of Youth Theatre Arts Scotland, launches the Play a Lead Role campaign and explains why your support of the National Festival of Youth Theatre matters.

If you Play a Lead Role in our campaign, we’ve lined up some great rewards including postcards we’ll send anywhere in the world, NFYT t-shirts, pay-it-forward bursaries, exclusive artwork, a place on one of Royal Conservatoire of Scotland‘s world renowned Summer Schools and a luxury weekend in Mingaray Castle in the Scottish Highlands. For any Sam Heughan / Outlander fans, we’re also got some unique rewards from our patron including Sam giving a personalised reading of Robert Burns’ Red Red Rose and a jacket from his forthcoming Barbour Collection – worn by the man himself – which isn’t available in-store until Autumn 2017.

You can play a lead role in transforming young lives by backing Scotland’s National Festival of Youth Theatre 2017 at from 1 June 2017.


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