COVID-19: Lockdown Ideas Swap Shop

By Youth Theatre Arts Scotland

We started by hosting online skill share sessions as part of our YT Essentials Online programme…

Loads of brilliant practitioners shared their top tips and activity ideas for facilitating workshops online. We chatted through some creative exercises that have been explored with groups, what has worked and what hasn’t… and practitioners have even road tested ideas on their peers before taking it to their participants! 

Then we went International…

On Thursday 14 May, Youth Theatre Arts Scotland and Youth Theatre Ireland joined forces to connect the youth theatre sectors in both countries. With presentations from Scottish Youth Theatre, Mull Youth Theatre (Comar)Droichead Youth Theatre and the NYT Playwriting programme, ARTiculate.

Now, the Lockdown Ideas Swap Shop have their own series!

Some things deserve their own spin-off, and the Lockdown Ideas Swap Shop is one of them! Our super-popular skill sharing space is bursting out of the shadow of YT Essentials Online for its very own series of drop-in sessions. Come along and pick up more creative tips for remote working, ask questions you need help with or try out a new exercise on a group of willing participants.

Check out the notes from each session below:


YT Essentials: Lockdown Ideas Swap Shop | 23 April 2020
YT Essentials: Lockdown Ideas Swap Shop | 7 May 2020
Lockdown Ideas Swap Shop | 9 July 2020


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