A young stage manager backstage at a performance. She is wearing cans and calling the show from the book. She has a pencil in her hand and is lit by a small desk lamp.
A girl wearing a yellow jumper and blue jeans stands on stage holding a microphone. She has her hand on her hip and is looking down. Behind her there are 4 stage lights pointing towards her.
15 performers stand across as stage. They are all wearing school uniform style costumes. Behind them they are lit by two blue fluorescent lights and they are surrounded by haze. At bottom right of the picture you can see the first few rows of the audience watching the play.


In the spirit of TED, we think that great creative ideas are worth spreading, so on this page you’ll find a selection of local and international video and audio clips to keep you in the know about all things creative.

If you’ve got a video or podcast that could inspire the sector, please let us know so we can share the digital love.

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Do Schools Kill Creativity?
Why You Should Write - Cecilia Knapp
Feature on Ramesh Meyyappan - "Singaporean deaf actor makes himself heard"
Julia Taudevin - KEYNOTE - Symposium 2016
Contact Young Company - Keynote: Breaking Down Taboos
Trailer for Interchange professional development
Spect-Act Documentary by ACTive INquiry