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Money Matters

By Youth Theatre Arts Scotland

So, you’ve got a brilliant idea for a new project – but how do you pay for it?

In this toolkit you’ll find a comprehensive selection of resources to help you track down possibly sources of cash, put together a ripper funding application, get your budgeting skills down to a fine art and reach out to new supporters through crowdfunding.

But, if you find yourself tearing your hair out trying to fill in that baffling application form, don’t despair – Book An Advice Session and we can help you out.


Queer Fish – Reading Rep
Cash for Culture
Two people wrestling surrounded by rope lines
A Guide to Budgets
A young actress on stage
Culture Counts in Scotland
A theatre group
How to Write a Successful Funding Application
Writing on Laptop
Applying for Funding
A young theatre performer makes glasses with her hands
Funding Scotland Directory
Theatre performers cheering
Crowdfunding to Win


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