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Phased Renewal: Youth Theatre Venues

By YYouth Theatre Arts Scotland and the SRWG

Welcome to the Phased Renewal of Youth Theatre Activities toolkit! This toolkit provides an overview of the key areas that local groups should use to plan their activities in line with the Scottish Government’s Strategic Framework.  The guidance will continue to be updated in the weeks and months ahead.

We recommend starting with Youthlink’s FAQs and Youth Scotland’s Readiness Guide then reviewing the other resources in this Toolkit for youth theatre specific considerations and some handy links and examples.

The toolkit has been a collaborative effort by the YTAS  Sector Recovery Working Group (SRWG), established since June 2020. Youth theatre leaders from across Scotland have helped to identify what youth theatre groups need to deliver in line with Scottish Government guidelines, as the country recovers from the impact of COVID-19.

For further support information and resources you can also look at YTAS’s COVID-19: Youth Theatre Sector Guidance Toolkit.


  • The Scottish Government Guidance for the Performing Arts and Venues Sector covers many areas needed for planning future adaptations for performances and audiences in venues.
  • The Scottish Government Guidance for Community Venues extends the guidance to other typical venues, such as village and community halls, community hubs, youth centres, as well as any other public space where the primary purpose is provision of community services including those that are delivered by commercial or social enterprise providers
  • Some youth theatres might also find other guidance more helpful such as the Scottish Government’s guidance for creative studios and shared workspaces, which is intended for both providers and users.  The ‘Assessing Risk’ section has a clear approach for planning, preparation, piloting and regularly reviewing adaptations, including a risk assessment template from the HSE.  The guidance also has a checklist of actions that studio providers should take that organisations hiring a space would benefit from being aware of too.

Cleaning and Hygiene

  • Youth theatres with their own venues should assess cleaning requirements and implement cleaning schedules, with consideration for when it is used by multiple groups. This may affect the number and timing of sessions offered.
  • In this case you will need to be clear on who is responsible for cleaning, both in terms of the organisation(s) and staff involved. Some staff may need additional training related to cleaning.
  • Youth theatres who hire space used by multiple groups should request information about cleaning plans from the venue management and assess if these meet your own expectations and requirements.
  • Scottish Government guidelines on decontaminating non-healthcare settings.
  • HSE guidance on hygiene
  • Manual cleaning guidance from HSE
  • CDC guidance on disinfecting your facility

Eco-friendly cleaning products

Additional costs

  • Additional costs for resources needed to make venues safe and effective may include; signage, PPE, cleaning and hygiene products or services to adapt venues. Youth theatres should factor these costs into their planning and liaise with venues to confirm what will and won’t be provided.

Crossover times

  • Crossover times between different youth theatre sessions taking place in a single venue in one day will need careful consideration. Youth theatres should consider how to best coordinate drop-offs and pick-ups safely and with appropriate social distancing. Venues may choose to operate one-way systems and sanitation stations.


  • North Lanarkshire Council (Culture NL and NL Leisure) have shared examples of how they adapted their ‘Hub’ venues before the summer.


Community Hubs Presentation
Planning Document Spreadsheet


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