If you speak to pretty much anyone in the creative sector they’ll tell you that their journey has been a curious one, most likely filled with twists and turns. There may be a combination of volunteering, formal learning, falling down and getting back up again – but that’s why we love it! This toolkit shows you how to build your support network and to develop your creative practice and includes tips on mentoring, getting started and writing that dreaded business plan.

Wanna hear about some projects that support young people in their creative pathways? Don’t forget to watch our brilliant short films in the scrolling bar at the top of this page:

  • Top Tips for Emerging Leaders
  • The Next Stage with Staged for Life
  • Creating Opportunities for Youth Leadership with Toonspeak

Like any good play, where the plot has problems for the characters to solve, we hope that the resources and films in this toolkit will help you to navigate the many possible journeys you may take in your creative development.