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Making the Connections 2 – Jenni Mason, PACE

IMG_4442 Jenni Mason PACE

In June 2018, YTAS members PACE and Collision travelled to London’s National Theatre to perform at the prestigious Connections Festival. We talked to both teams about their visits and this interview is with Jenni Mason, Artistic Director of PACE (read our interview with Collision’s Clara Bloomfield here). Can you tell us a bit about PACE and about yourself?  PACE is a youth arts organisation specialising […]

Making the Connections 1 – Clara Bloomfield, Collision

In June 2018, YTAS members Collision and PACE travelled to London’s National Theatre to perform at the prestigious Connections Festival. We talked to both teams ahead of their visits and our first interview is with Collision’s Clara  Bloomfield (read our interview with PACE’s Jenni Mason here). She is an award winning freelance international theatre-maker, director and lecturer from Scotland. Clara […]